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Elephant with Tiger Jumping Through Ring of Fire

This was the practice piece for the 2012 Stowe Winter Carnival's ice carving competition, circus theme. 

Bill carved this in the freezer then brought it home to assemble.  This was a first - and we LOVED it!  It was so much fun to see it in the yard every day.  Friends stopped by on their way to or from just to see it. 

The piece looked awesome in Stowe, too....Bill was awarded a gold medal and first place! 

Below:  Demonstration design at the Golden Eagle Resort and Bill's winning competition design

Our Boys at the Golden Eagle Resort in Stowe VT Bill in Stowe VT, Winning Design, Jan 2012

A winning design to kick start competition season...The Praying Mantis, "Preying for Dinner" 

Bill Standing with his Practice Piece for the NICA Nationals:  Three Block Praying Mantis

The Two-Block Version of this design won him a Gold Medal from NICA in Stowe, VT earlier this year.

He placed SECOND overall at NICA's Two-Day National Competition in February!

Bill with 3-Block Praying Mantis, Practice before Nationals

Houston 2011

Bill was invited to compete in Houston, TX in January 2011.  There were 7 carvers, each with 6 clear blocks of ice and one WHITE block of ice.  The white block had to be part of the design and each carver had 6 hours to complete their sculpture. 

They say everything is bigger in Texas!  But maybe not the judges sense of humor!   We thought a toilet was a hilarious way to incorporate the white block.  The piece was named "Privacy Please". 

It didn't win, but we felt like winners having completed the design in sunny 60 degree conditions!  (I say we, loosly - I was Bill's helper for the first time ever!)  We walked back to see how the carving was holding up and were pleased to see it was still standing in all of its glory 6 hours later!  We loved hearing the mixed reactions from the people walking by! 

Wish we won, but had a great time seeing this design come to life!  C'mon, it's hilarious!

6 hours after competition!

Flying Monkey

Circus Theme

Circus Theme

Circus Theme

Circus Theme

Circus Theme

Circus Theme

1st Place Pelican in Chester Ct, February 2009 1st Place Pelican in Chester CT, February 2009

Bill with his First Place 12 Foot Tall Cat in the Hat


Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Diving

Mermaid Diving









This Gargoyle "Guardian of the Park" was created by Bill and his friend and fellow carver, Jeff from New Hampshire at the 2006 World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, AK.  The 8000 pound block of ice was approx 12 feet tall upon completion.  They worked on the sculpture for several days in below zero temperatures - and their hard work paid off - placing SECOND IN THE WORLD!!!  

2nd in World 2006




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