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Individual Table Centerpieces, Sorbet Dishes and Plates

 by Ice Matters™

Individual Table Centerpiece


Individual Table Centerpieces

Shark Centerpiece Shark Centerpieces Set

Individual Table Centerpiece with Wording

Flowers in Ice

Hockey Puck Individual Table Centerpiece

Baseballs in Ice

Bowl to Replicate

Our customer sent us a picture of a bowl they wanted replicated for each individual table to serve as the centerpiece.  The picture on the right is the bowl, untempered, that we brought home to watch melt.  

Below is a pictures sent to us from our customer of the set centerpiece taken during the event. 


Experiment at Home

Bowl at Set

Maltese Cross Centerpieces Set

Maltese Cross Centerpiece

Maltese Cross Centerpiece

Camel Centerpiece

Camel Centerpieces Set

Cub Scout Centerpiece

Individual Table Centerpiece with Initial

50 Individual Table Centerpiece

Individual Table Centerpiece - Globe

NYC Individual Table Centerpiece

Heart Centerpiece

Individual Table Centerpiece

Moon and Star Centerpiece Double Hearts Centerpiece

Individual Flower Centerpiece

Snowflake Table Centerpiece

Olaf Table Centerpiece

Snowflake Centerpiece

Putting the finishing touches on Olaf

Olaf Centerpiece

Daisy Bunch Individual Table Centerpiece

Double Sided Laminated Logo

Double Sided Laminated Logo

Individual Sorbet Dishes

Baby Carriage Sorbet Dish Custom Sorbet Dish

Sorbet Dish Samples

Individual Plates

Individual Heart Shaped Plate