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American Flag

Pictured above is the American Flag with color, a 2-Dimensional logo style design.

Pictured below on the left is a colored American flag with logo and soaring eagle; below on the right is our single block eagle; below in the center is a 35" Star Cluster.   

Colored Flaf, Logo and Eagle Display Eagle

2-Block Star with Stars Frozen to Front


Inspired Shot and Martini Luges:

The sculpture with the engraved palm tree and the sculpture with the engraved stars are shot luges.  With this style luge the beverages are poured directly on the ice and into your mouth or glass.  The luge in the center is an example of our single pour martini luge with stars snowfilled on the front.  This style has a funnel at the top with a hose attached and an opening at the bottom for a glass.  

To see more examples of the luges we have made,

click here for shot luges, here for martini luges

Enjoy responsibiliy!

Palm Tree Luge Single Pour Luge with Lights and Stars Shot Luge with Stars

Open Clamshell

Of course you can never go wrong with ice for the raw bar! 

Click here to be transported to our Seafood Display Page!

Two Tier Oval Tray with Logo