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Centerpiece Designs

by Ice Matters

Red rose in ice centerpiece

Stanley Cup  Snowflake Centerpiece  Baseball in ice centerpiece  Lighthouse centerpiece

Stacked Hearts Centerpiece  Custom M  Vertical Personalization Centerpiece

Custom Circle Centerpiece

Olympic Swimmer  Olympic Cycler  Olympic Diver  Olympic Rower

  The Skinny 50 - A long time in the heat of August - still there    Carved 50 Centerpiece

Laminated logo centerpiece  Personalized Hockey Shield  Skier centerpiece

  Flower Tower Centerpiece  Script Initial centerpiece  Swooping Heart centerpiece

Olaf Centerpiece  Eiffel Tower Table Centerpiece - Eiffel Tower single pour drink luge in background  Double sided laminated logo centerpiece

Stacked Snowflake Centerpieces

Centerpiece  Single Red Rose in ice centerpiece  Single Flower Centerpiece

Olympic Tennis  Globe facade centerpiece  Olympic Archer

Hockey Pucks in ice centerpiece  Basketball Centerpiece

Snowflake centerpiece  Globe Facade centerpiece  Snowflake centerpiece

Double Sided laminated logo centerpiece

Initial Centerpiece  Snowflake centerpiece

Olympic Sprinter  Basketball centerpiece

Maltese Cross Centerpiece  Personalized table centerpiece  Maltese Cross Centerpiece

Olympic Gymnast  Individual Carved Snowflake Centerpiece  Number with Name Centerpiece  Olympic Golfer Centerpiece