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We are currently taking pre-carved sculpture and logo orders for December 2024

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Bill Covitz - Ice Matters

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Cool and Custom Designs

by Ice Matters

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Make your own sand art on free standing table  Create your own sand art on free standing table

Shrimp Head

Snowflake Photo Op with Abstract Snowflake Clusters  Personalized Elegant Photo Op with Abstract Palm Trees

Surf Board and Shark  Free Standing Photo Op - Fire and Ice Theme

Detailed and Personalized Photo Op  Large Snowflake Photo Op with Snowflake Cluster on Each Side

VW Bus with Logo Photo Op

Ice Matters Cinderella   Ice Matters - Emerald City

Alice in Wonderland Theme  Cindarella's Horse Drawn Coach  Alice (in Wonderland)

Vintage Car On Site  Vintage Car on site

Sailboat with Dock and Setting Sun  Ice Matters - Laminated Logo in sail of carved boat

Fishing Boat    Speed Boat

 Three Mast Ship  Whoville Bench Scene

  Custom Sprint Car  Entry Pillars

Helicopter  Linesman

Titanic Sinking - so sad  Carved Submarine with Colored Flags

Branded Throne  Submarine

  Branded Building

Ice House for Operation Fuel

Custom Clock  Reindeer and Clock  Custom Clock with Beer Stein Base and Mugs

Convertible  Racing Bike

Building replicated in ice

Baby Tractor  Denali

Planet Suspended  Moon suspended

Custom Hummer with Wall and Logo  Divorce Party Drink Luge  Car crashing through wall with colored logo

Comanche Helicopter  Building

1989 Mercedes Benz 560SL Hard Top  Motorcycle

  Excavator  Excavator on Large Personalized Base with Pictures frozen into block

Carved NYC Skyline

Biltmore Clock - NYC  NYC Skyline Logo  Empire State Building

Coney Island Cyclone  Coney Island Cyclone

Vintage Car  Vintage Car

Tractor  Canon

Greek Parthenon  Greek Parthenon

Plane  Plane  Plane

Arc de Triumph  Personalized Dump Truck  Vintage Fire Truck

Chair  Hospital Wing

Building  Car with Logo

Custom Truck with Logo  Submarine

Assembling Cool Ice Sphere  Crazy Cool Sphere

Carved Eiffel Tower  Lighthouse

Building Facade

Building and Logo  Cristof's Sleigh

   Genie Lamp with plaque in front  Pharaoh  Camel with Plaque in Front

Large Flame Display  Ice Flame Display