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Bill Covitz - Ice Matters

- Function Matters -

Food Display Designs

by Ice Matters

These designs put the fun in functional

while keeping your cold food ice cold!

Custom Ceveche Holders and Shrimp Towers

~ Individual Plates and Sorbet Dishes ~

Personalized Individual Sorbet Dish  Line Drawings of Assorted Individual Sorbet Dishes  Baby Carriage individual Ice Cream Dish

Custom Heart Individual Plate  Octagon Sorbet Dishes  Custom Round Individual Plate

~ Twenty Inch Trays ~

20 Inch Pedestal Tray  20 Inch Bowl  20 Inch Pedestal Tray

Ice Matters 20 Inch Raised Tray on Each Side of Carved Seahorse  40 Inch Tray with Car in Center and Custom 20 Inch Tire Pedestal Trays on Each Side

     20 Inch Triple Shrimp or Bottle Holder     Snowfilled Logo on back of 40 inch tray with 27 inch tray on each side

~ Forty Inch Trays ~

40 Inch Tray on each side of Snowfilled Logo

   Kryptonite Chest on back of 40 Inch Tray  Personalized Waverly Heart on back of 40 inch tray

Snowfilled Logo on back of 40 inch tray  40 Inch Tray with Logo on Back

40 Inch Step Tray Custom Cut for Shooters  Blocks Raw Bar

     40 Inch Tray with Titanic on Back

 Snowfilled and Glitter Plaque on Back of 40 Inch Tray  Dice Frozen into Snowfilled Plaque on back of custom cut 40 inch tray

Penguin with two 40 inch trays

~ Shells ~

Tray with Small Open Shell on each side of Tray with Large Tiered Tray with Shells frozen into block and Snowfilled Logo topper

40 Inch Tray with Small Open Shell on Back

90 and two open shells on back of 80 inch tray     Clamshell bottom on back of 80 inch tray with goldfish on each end

14 foot raw bar with open shells on back of trays, sailfish holding tray with logo

Open Clamshell on each side of colored logo     Open Clamshell with Initials 

Logo on Back of Open Shell with 40 inch tray on each side

~ Two Tier Trays ~

What a send-off!  Snowfilled Logo on wave base in center with two tier wavy tray on each side

     40 Inch Tray with Boat on Smaller Tier  Two Tier Tray with Personalized Topper  Small Two Tier Tray with Topper

80 Inc Tray with 40 Inch Topper - Rocky Edges

 Two Tier Wave Tray with Topper     Large Two Tier Tray with Topper and Leaves Frozen into Support Legs

  Two Tier Tray on each end with clamshell bottom in center

Two Tier Tray with Basketball Logo Topper  Two Tier Tray with Laminated Logo Topper

     80 Inch Tray with 40 Inch Topper - Detailed Edges

~ Shrimp Towers ~

120 Inch Tray with Curvy Shrimp Tower on Each Side, Logo on raised tray in center

Golf Bag Shrimp Tower  Golf Bag Shrimp Tower Filled  Slot Machine Shrimp Tower

Abstract Shells Holding Tray with Shrimp Tower on 80 Inch Base Tray with Lemon Holders

  Swordfish Holding Tray with Shrimp Tower  Personalized Shrimp Tower with Overflow Tray

     Cowboy Boot Shrimp Tower  120 Inch Custom Tabletop Display with Shrimp Tower, Bottle Holder, Custom Stands for Platters    

~ Tabletop Sushi Displays ~

80 Inch Tabletop Abstract Sushi Display     80 Inch Table Top Abstract Sushi Display  

40 Inch Tray with Sushi Tower     Snowfilled Logo on top of shushi tower with japanese fish luge on each end of 80 inch traySnowfilled Logo on top of sushi tower  Sushi Tower on each side of laminated logo with carved bull on 60 inch base tray

~ Three Tier Trays ~

Three Tier Tray  Round Three Tier Tray  Three Tier Tray with Topper

Three Tier Tray     3-Tier Custom Cut Tray with 40 Inch Base and Bottle Holders

~ Eighty Inch Trays ~

80 inch tray with assorted platter stands and elements

80 Inch tray with logo on raised center trays and raised tray on each end  80 Inch Tray with Logo on raised tray in center

80 inch custom cut step tray with logo on back  80 Inch Tray with Surf Board

80 inch tray with swordfish holding tray with logo     80 inch tray with japanese fish on each end and bottle holders

80 Inch Tray with Pyramid Tray in center     80 inch with laminated logo in center and raised side trays

Nautical Theme 80 Inch Tray  80 Inch Tray with Raised Side Trays and Fish in Center

80 inch tray with palm trees on each end and raised wave tray in center  80 inch tray with monogram on back and raised side trays - detailed edges

80 inch horse trough     80 inch tray with custom cut raised center tray and side trays

     80 Inch tray with pagoda on raised tray and small japanese fish on each side  80 Inch Tray - Giraffe Theme

~ Forty x Forty Inch Trays ~

    Golf Bag in center of 40 inch x 40 inch tray  Lighthouse in center of 40 inch x 40 inch tray

Santa Moon in center of 40 inch x 40 inch tray  Eiffel Tower in center of 40 inch x 40 inch tray  Reindeer in center of 40 inch x 40 inch tray

~ Carved Custom/Theme ~

16 foot table top raw bar with abstract snowflake clusters and logo

Shrimp Hammock in center of carved palm trees  Treasure Chest

14 foot table top raw bar with logo on raised tray, palm trees and raised side trays

Table Top Display with Items frozen into blocks, towers, laminated logo  80 Inch Fireplace, Small Trees, Raised Tray  Table Top Display with Items frozen into blocks, towers, laminated logo

       80 Inch Shrimp Canoe with Fish on each side

And how cool is this company? 

Branding with tools frozen into the blocks for a beer pong table!

Beer Pong Table with tools frozen into center block