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We are currently taking pre-carved sculpture and logo orders for December 2024

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Bill Covitz - Ice Matters

- The Wow Factor Matters -

Free Standing Bar Designs

by Ice Matters

20 Feet - Fall Theme Bar

40 Inch Free Standing Bar with Laminated Flag - Rocky Detail  40 Inch Ice Bar with Shot Luge and Bottle Holders  40 Inch Bar with Colored Logo in front  40 Inch Free Standing Bar with Logo and Bottle Stands

Make Your Own Sand Art on Free Standing Table  Make your own sand art on free standing table

80 Inch Art Deco Bar

80 Inch Free Standing Bar with Wood Grain Detail  80 Inch Bar, Brick Detail

80 Inch Bar with Logo in Curved Center Leg - Elegant Detail  80 Inch Free Standing Bar with Snowfilled Word on Each Leg - Elegant Detail

80 Inch Free Standing Bar with Drink Luge and Condiment Holder - Rocky Detail  80 Inch Bar with Individual Bottle Holders on Step

80 Inch Bar with Laminated Logo in Center Leg and Plaque n Top  80 Inch Bar with Logo in center Leg and Plaque on top

80 Inch Free Standing Bar with Logo in center leg and Shot Luge on Top  80 Inch Bar with 3-Bottle Holder and Logo

  80 Inch Bar with Abstract Snowflake Towers and Personalized Condiment Holder  80 Inch Ice Bar with 5-Bottle Holder and Double Track Shot Luge on top, customized with logo in center leg

80 Inch Bar with Martini Luges on each side  80 Inch Bar with Sushi Towers on each side of Japanese Fish

James Bond Theme 80 Inch Bar with customized Bottle holders on each side of condiment holder  

Punch Bowls on 80 Inch Bar  80 Inch perrier Bar with wave tray

80 Inch Shard Bar  80 Inch Bar with Shot Luge - Logo on Back Bar  

   80 Inch Shard Bar with Logo in Center Leg, Plaque in Front, Customized Bottle Holder on each end and Condiment Tray  80 Inch Free Standing Bar with Logo on Bar - Shard Detail and Free Standing hi-Tops

  10 foot bar, condiment holder, bottle holders  80 Inch Bamboo  Bar with Japanese Fish Luges

10 foot bar with carved letter

80 Inch Fireplace, Small Trees, Raised Tray  80 Inch Fireplace with Wreaths and Logo

  80 Inch Free Standing Bar with Carved Sailfish between raised trays - Sea Life Support Legs   14 Foot Smooth Bar with Logo

17 Foot U Shape Bar