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- Living Things Matter -

Land, Sea and Sky Designs

by Ice Matters

Snoopy  Dog and Cat  Dogs

Triceratops  Elephant with Plaque  

Camel  Giraffes

Lion  Rooster  Wolf

Rearing Horse Unicorn  Horse Head

Snowfilled Horse and Carriage Logo  Single Block Horse

Personalized Elegant Photo Op with Abstract Palm Trees  Palm Tree with Setting Sun

Sailboat with dock and setting sun  Sun with Palm Tree on Each Side

Frog Leaping Over Lily Pad  Polar Bear drinking a martini  Snowfilled Husky Logo

Anchor with Rope  Sea Turtle  Personalized Anchor

Lobster  Kissing Angelfish  Mermaid

Japanese Fish  Dolphin   Seahorse

   Ships Wheel snowfilled and carved around  Abstract Sails   Personalized Ships Wheel

Double jumping sailfish  Fish on Wave  Sailfish  Large Mouth Bass on Wave

            Flamingo  Glitter Flamingo Logo  Parrot

       Hand Releasing Dove  Carved Falcon

Dragon Head  Butterfly

  Peacock  Owl  Eagle

Robin     Carved Fish

International Welcome Symbol   Snowfilled International welcome Symbol  Pineapples frozen into block with pineapple in relief on front of single pour drink luge, rocky edges