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Bill Covitz - Ice Matters

- Living Things Matter -

Land, Sea and Sky Designs

by Ice Matters

Nautical Logo on Wave Base  Snowfilled International welcome Symbol  International Welcome Symbol   Single Pour Drink Luge with Pineapples frozen into block and carved pineapple on front  Ships Wheel snowfilled and carved around

Anchor with Rope  Personalized Anchor  Personalized Ships Wheel  Wedding Anchor Logo  Sea Shells frozen into block with anchor in relief, rocky edges,single pour luge Glitter Flamingo Logo  Anchors - Snowfilled and Carved Around holding tray with shrimp tower  Flamingo

Sailfish Japanese Fish Mermaid Seahorse Large Mouth Bass on Wave Double jumping sailfish

Ice Matters - Dolphin on each side of stage

Lobster  Frog Leaping Over Lily Pad  Fish on Wave  Ice Matters Beta/Koi Fish

Sea Turtle  Turtles on Waves

Large Starfish  Two Fish and a canoe for shrimp  Kissing Angel Fish Drink Luge

Penguin  Penguins on each side of Color and Snowfilled Logo on back of 40 Inch Tray  Two Penguins

Ice Matters Polar Bear by day  Ice Matters Polar Bear by night Big and Little Penguin Polar Bear drinking a martini  Polar Bear with Year in Relief 

Palm Tree with Setting Sun  Sun with Palm Tree on Each Side

Personalized Elegant Photo Op with Abstract Palm Trees  Treasure Chest 

Sailboat with Colored Burgee and Colored Burgees in Plaque  Abstract Sails  Sailboat

Single Pour Drink Luge - Carved Lighthouse  Cruise Ship on Back of Tray  Lighthouse in center of 54 inch tray

Gondola Shrimp Boat  Carved Shrimp Shrimp Tower

Sailboat with dock and setting sun  Surf Board on Wave Base

Surf Board on 80 Inch Tray

Fishing Boat  Speed Boat

Boat on Tray  Boat on Tray

Double Butterfly  Ice Matters Groundhog with Top Hat  Ice Matters Wolf and Submarines  Wolf

Peacock  Chinese Dragon  Carved Rooster on Base with Snowfilled Logo in front

Ice Matters Custom Parrot  Parrot on each side or Margarita Glass  Parrot

       Butterfly  Robin    Hand Releasing Dove  Eagle

Owl Snowfilled Owl logo Carved Falcon  Pratt and Whitney Logo

Carved Gog and Cat on Bases with Snowfilled Logo in Front  Bulldog wearing sweater with Yale Y snowfilled on sweater; on base Dogs  Carved Dog

Carved Husky  Snowfilled Husky Logo  Carved Dog and Paw Print Logo

Snoopy with personalized dog house drink luge  Santa Snoopy, Snoopy House with Woodstock

Elephant with Plaque  Ice Matters Elephant  Reindeer  Ice Matters Deer Bust  Lion

Single Block Horse  Ice Matters Horse Bust  Horse Bust Drink Luge  Horse Head

Unicorn  Kentucky Derbby Theme single pour drink luge  Snowfilled Horse and Carriage Logo  Ice Matters Griffin

Camel  Bull Logo  Ram in Relief with Snowfilled Wording  Giraffes

Triceratops  Dragon Head

  Reindeer and Clock  Buck and Doe in hot tub

Bear Playing Grand Piano