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- Holiday Season Matters -

Winter Designs

by Ice Matters

Assorted Holiday Designs

We are very fortunate to be busy during the month of December - thanks to our amazing customers :)   In an effort to keep up with demand and provide the highest quality, we ask for three weeks' notice, more is always appreciated. If you are looking for something specific please order early but always call and inquire as we will make our best effort to ensure that a beautiful Ice Matters™ ice sculpture can be part of your celebration. 

Thank you for your business and Happy Holidays!!

Santa Moon      Fireplace with Chimney and Happy Holiday Plaque     Santa Waving   

Olaf with Plaque  Elf with Toy Truck  Stocking  Snowman     

North Pole Sign  Reindeer  Snowflake Cluster  Colored Candy Cane

Personalized Christmas Ornament  Nutcracker - Traditional  Triple Nutcracker Display  Wreath with Bow and Initial

Logo with Snowfill and Color  Sleigh  Happy Holiday Logo with Colored Candy Canes

Star of David Logo  Hanukkah Logo  Carved Menorah  Dradel

Train  Christmas Tree with Colored Lights on each side of Snowfilled Logo

Happy New Year Designs

  Year Carved with Snowflakes  Single block year carved out

Balloon Logo with Snowfill and Glitter  Art Deco Logo with Gold Glitter  Toasting Glasses Logo with Snowfill and Glitter

Logo with Date in Base     Snowfilled Logo with Carved Numbers with snowflake accents in front     Logo with snowflake accents and Happy New Year, date in base

Festive Functional Designs

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