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Drink Luge & Bottle Holder Designs

by Ice Matters

Our beautiful single and double pour luges have a small funnel on top, attached to a hose - the drink is mixed then poured into the funnel, travels through the hose and goes into your glass. 

Our drink luges are an elegant way to showcase your style and serve your favorite non-carbonated beverages.  Cheers!

Single pour drink luge with custom snowfilled logo  Circle Single Pour Drink Luge with Logo  Single Pour Drink Luge with Laminated LogoBaseballs and mitt frozen into block, single pour luge, detailed edges

Silk Flowers frozen into block for double pour luge with initials, detailed edges  Duracell Battery Single Pour Luge  Single pour drink luge, logo snowfilled and carved around  Double Pour Drink Luge with Initial and Snowfilled and Carved Snowflakes

Square Logo, single pour drink luge  Snowfilled crown and name single pour luge  Double pour drink luge with custom snowfilled logo  Heart shape single our drink luge with snowfilled personalization

Custom logo on single pour drink luge  Personalized wording on single pour drink luge  Flowers frozen into block with snowfilled letter, single pour luge, rocky edges  Baseball theme single pour drink luge

Yankee Boston Drink Luge  Single Pour Drink Luge with Bottle Holder on each side  Snowfilled toasting glasses and wording, single pour luge, detailed edges

Sea Shells frozen into block with anchor in relief, rocky edges,single pour luge  Citrus fruit frozen into block, rocky edges, single pour drink luge  Oranges frozen into block of double pour drink luge with large script snowfilled initial, rocky edges  Snowfilled leaf outlines and snowfilled initials on double pour drink luge

Gymnastics single pour drink luge  Double pour drink luge with snowfilled initials and snowflakes  Single Pour Drink Luge with Initials and Hearts  Sport Theme Drink Luge with Ski Goggles, Fishing Pole and Golf Club

  Snowfilled mascot on single pour drink luge, rocky edges  Scottish Dragon single pour drink luge

Single Pour Pine Cone Luge - Kindred Photography  Single Pour Drink Luge - Flames  Slot Machine Single Pour Drink Luge  Script Initial Snowfilled and Carved around single pour luge

Single Pour Martini Glass Facade Luge with Initials  Single Pour Martini Glass facade with name and date  Single Pour Martini Glass facade luge with names and date  Single pour martini glass facade luge with initials

Molar single pour drink luge with logo   Patron bottle single pour drink luge, personalized   Golf Ball on Tee facade single pour luge with plaque in front

Snoopy with Dog House single pour drink luge  Carved Football Drink Luge

Lips Double pour drink luge  Single Pour Luge with Logo

Fish single pour drink luge  Castle single pour drink luge  Horse Head Single Pour Drink Luge  Japanese Fish Single Pour Drink Luge

Single Pour luge, carved bottle with laminated label

~ Bottle and Glass Holders ~

3 Individual bottle holders

Snowfilled Grapes on each side of name with holes drilled in top for bottles

6 Bottle Holder with front tray  6 Bottle Holder with Laminated Picture in base

Ice Shot Glass Holder    Shot Glass Tower, Bottle Stand and Chipping Block    Wine Rack  Personalized 5-bottle holder in front of snowfilled logo

x3 Bottle holders and holder for fruit on base  Personalized Snowfilled Logo with Individual Bottle Holder  Personalized Triple Bottle Holder

Shard Double Bottle Holder  Shard bottle holder

Assorted Bottle stands in front of snowfilled logo  Snowfilled Logo on top of wine bottle holder

 Upright 5 bottle holder with snowfilled personalization  Individual Bottle Holder with Snowfilled Logo

~ Custom Shot Slides ~

These are designed for shots. 

Shots are poured directly onto the ice and go into the mouth; 

some can be designed to go into a glass and into the mouth.

Tiger Single Track Shot Luge

Carved Dog Single Track Shot Luge  Dachshund Single Track Shot Slide

Single Track Carved Horse Head Shot Slide  Corona Bottle Single Track Shot Slide with Double Bottle Holder

Personalized Snowflake Shot Luge  Ugly Sweater Shot Slide  Snowman Single Track Shot Luge  

Art Deco Shot Slide with Bottle Holder in Back  Base with Carved Number, snowfilled personalization down side, one track into glass, one track into mouth  Double Track Shot Slide with Individual Bottle Holder

Double Track Shot Slide personalized with Snowfilled Logo  Surf Board Double Track Shot Slide

Shot Slide with Logo down side and bottle frozen into block  Double Track Shot Slide with Friends Logo

Double Track Shot Slide with Logo in base and name down side Eiffel Tower Logo frozen over double track shot luge Personalized Golf Bag Shot Slide